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when i know im not the best girl in the room

i tell myself im the best you can do

do i belong do i belong, no

i drink bad coffee

hope that youll call me

never look back never look back, ooh

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my outfit 4 the next 5 months

everyone look at majestic amy


Uhm, post more selfies so I can fawn over them all the time so we’ll be even on some level??? junips

we really need to do a bodysuit collab it would be so great

i am sick and should be doing homework but here i am

i couldn’t sleep so i made some truisms


send me messages i’m a sad sick mess




  September 21, 2014 at 05:11pm
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the last few days have been nice

I’m so h-word and it’s not even 1pm. life is cruel and unnecessary.

this is not ok

how was your day?

so which one of you is the yale sale and which is the yard sard

having an identity crisis because i officially changed my name to june on fb but it looks too similar to my mom’s name now that i’ve seen it written with my last name and nothing feels like it fits with my identity i’m just a weird compilation of words that don’t sound right.

fuck. it’s gonna be 2015. 

lmao a 25yo man w/ username “fuckyouimagentleman” liked one of my posts. what are you even doing here and why? please show yourself out.